PHILIPPINES - Ask the President to denounce threats against union General Secretary


The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) has reported that its General Secretary Raymond Basilio received death threats on his personal mobile phone. One call came during an ACT press conference on 11 January 2019, at which the education union denounced the constant harassment and threats faced by its members and leaders. The caller, who appeared to know about Basilio’s personal details and about his family, claimed an order had been issued for Basilio’s killing unless he agreed to cooperate with the caller’s demands.

Despite the denial of the Philippine National Police and the authorities, ACT has also learned of continuing unlawful profiling of its members carried out by the police in different regions of the nation, in a serious breach of both national and international law.

LabourStart in conjunction with Education International have launched a campaign to urge President Duterte to denounce such practices. Follw the links for more information and to participate in the campaign.