2014 Media Releases

17 December 2014

The AEU wishes to express its shock at the massacre of over 100 students and teachers at a school in Pakistan and its solidarity with the families of the victims and the school community.

22 November 2014

The announcement by NSW Labor that they would protect TAFE’s future by putting a cap on contestable funding if elected should be emulated by political parties and State Governments across Australia, the Australian Education Union said today.

19 November 2014

A new Productivity Commission report showing there has been very little progress in improving Indigenous literacy and numeracy shows we must move to needs-based resourcing of the schools Indigenous students attend, the AEU said today.

13 November 2014

New research shows over 80 per cent of Australian principals say that a lack of resources is hurting education at their school, the AEU said today.

7 November 2014

Revelations that 75 per cent of Registered Training Organisations are failing to meet training and assessment standards, should lead to tighter regulation of heavily subsidised for-profit providers, the AEU said today.

3 November 2014

A new report prepared for State Education Ministers shows there are at least 100,000 students with a disability in Australian schools not receiving support funding, the AEU said today.

31 October 2014

Today’s meeting of Education Ministers is the last chance for Federal and State Governments to agree to provide much-needed increases in support for students with disability, the AEU said today.

30 October 2014

Stronger national regulation of for-profit vocational training providers is required after the decision by the Victorian Government to withhold $19.6 million in payments from BAWM (a subsidiary of ASX-listed company Vocation) for failing to provide a proper standard of training.

30 October 2014

The Australian Education Union said today that Federal President Angelo Gavrielatos has announced his resignation after seven years as leader.

21 October 2014

The Abbott Government’s attack on Gonski schools funding is continuing – with legislation passed by the House of Representatives last night aiming to reduce accountability for how Gonski funding is allocated and spent by State Governments and private school authorities.