31 October 2014

Today’s meeting of Education Ministers is the last chance for Federal and State Governments to agree to provide much-needed increases in support for students with disability, the AEU said today.

AEU Federal President Angelo Gavrielatos said that there was an urgent crisis in disability education in Australia, with at least 100,000 students with disability not getting the support they needed to make the most of their education.

“This is an issue which has damaged education in Australia for years, which is why progress towards a proper “disability loading” for schools which educate students with disability is such an important issue,” Mr Gavrielatos said.

“While the Abbott Government promised while in Opposition to increase the disability loading from 2015, they have made no progress and failed to put aside money in the Federal Budget to properly fund schooling for students with disability.

“We have had excuses about the need for more data collection causing delays, but excuses are not what students with disability need.

“The Abbott Government appears happy to break its promise and condemn thousands of students with disability to an inadequate education.

“The shortage of funding for students with disability is a crisis which affects at least 100,000 students. Every year that this continues is another year that thousands of students with disability miss out on the support they need to reach their potential.”

“We need State and Territory Ministers to stand up to the Abbott Government and push for immediate action to address this crisis.”

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