Time for politicians to give a Gonski on World Teachers' Day

30 October 2015

The AEU has called on all politicians to support the efforts of teachers on World Teachers’ Day by backing the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding for our schools.

AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said that teachers were facing increased demands and workloads due to a lack of resources and World Teachers’ Day was a chance to recognise the contribution they made to society.

The AEU will hold a World Teachers’ Day Lunch in Sydney today to celebrate the work of teachers.

“Teachers make a difference for students every day through their passion and dedication to the job,” Ms Haythorpe said

“Schools can’t function without the work of thousands of dedicated and passionate teachers, principals and support staff who are often blamed when things go wrong and overlooked when they make things improve.

“It is vital for society’s future that their efforts are backed with enough resources to give every child a quality education.

“Malcolm Turnbull has a chance to abandon Tony Abbott’s cuts to Gonski and give schools the full six years of increased Gonski funding they need.

“More and more is expected of teachers each year, as classrooms become more complex and workloads increase.”

“Teachers in disadvantaged and under-resourced schools are required to go above and beyond to ensure that their students are able to benefit from education.

“We know that teachers are routinely working overtime or spending their own money to make sure their students get the best possible education. This is not sustainable in the long term.

“Teachers are building the future every day, by ensuring that their students leave school with the academic and social skills they need for work and life.”

“Today is a day where we can recognise the crucial work teachers do which benefits their students and society as a whole.”

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