School children lose with Turnbull's plan slashing $265 million from SA schools

17 May 2017

South Australian parents can now see how much their children’s local school will lose under the Turnbull Government’s plan for education. Data released today by the Australian Education Union shows Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s education plan will slash $265 million from South Australian schools in 2018 and 2019.

Howard Spreadbury, Australian Education Union South Australian Branch President said it is school children who will lose out under Turnbull’s cuts agenda.

“Education should not be politicised by ideological cuts that will see South Australian school children be left behind by a plan that will rip hundreds of millions from local schools,” said Mr Spreadbury.

“The current Gonski needs-based funding agreement is already making a difference in SA schools; it is delivering individual programs to extend and support students from across the state.

“We now understand that instead of delivering on the full needs-based funding model the Turnbull Government is committed to slashing a whopping $3.2 billion from schools across the country; SA schools alone will lose $265 million in only two years.

“Turnbull and Minister Birmingham are trying to keep parents and school communities in the dark with a policy of smoke and mirrors that will not make a difference to kids who are at school today.

“Parents can see through their plan. With the data we released today, our school communities will clearly see how schools will be affected by Turnbull’s agenda of education cuts. We know that Minister Birmingham’s own former school Gawler & District B-12 School will be $1,160,138 worse off under these cuts.

“We need to invest in our children’s education to improve student outcomes – and ensure every school child has a chance to thrive in the classroom,” said Mr Spreadbury.

Click here for a breakdown of how much each South Australian school stands to lose under Turnbull’s plan of education cuts in 2018 and 2019.