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3 May 2016

Today’s Federal Budget has confirmed that Malcolm Turnbull will abandon needs-based Gonski funding and turn his back on disadvantaged schools and their students.

1 May 2016

Malcolm Turnbull’s school funding policy is a quick pre-election fix which will hurt students by not delivering the full Gonski funding our schools need, the AEU said today.


29 April 2016

New economic research demonstrates the links between disadvantage and poor performance at school, and the value of properly educating all students.

18 April 2016

New AEU research has found that 17.7 per cent of students in public schools have a disability or learning difficulty which requires funded support, and that 77 per cent of principals say their budgets lack the resources to provide it.

15 April 2016

State and Federal Governments must guarantee TAFEs at least 70 per cent of overall VET funding and limit government subsidies to private providers.

1 April 2016

Today’s COAG meeting has demonstrated the total failure of leadership by Malcolm Turnbull on properly funding our schools.

1 April 2016

More schools than ever received needs-based Gonski funding in 2016 and Principals reported Gonski is making a positive difference to school results, the AEU’s 2016 State of Our Schools Survey has found.


31 March 2016

Malcolm Turnbull’s proposal to end Federal Government funding of public schools would entrench inequity and end needs-based Gonski funding in Australian schools, the AEU said today.

31 March 2016

The AEU will extend its Gonski advertising campaign as the issue of schools funding becomes increasingly important in this year’s election.

22 March 2016

New data about NAPLAN and children’s learning progress at school further confirms the urgent need for targeted, needs-based Gonski funding, .

18 March 2016

The Federal Government’s restrictions on the Safe Schools program will deny schools the discretion to use this valuable program as they see fit, the AEU said today.

12 March 2016

The Turnbull Government must keep its promise to extend Gonski funding to cover all students with disability according to need in the wake of new data showing that more than half of students with disability in public schools do not get any funded support, the AEU said today.

10 March 2016

The Australian Education Union has called on Education Minister Simon Birmingham to keep the Federal Government’s promise to extend Gonski funding to all students with disability in 2016, after new figures showed that more than half of South Australian students with disability who needed funded support at school were not getting it.

9 March 2016

New data from the My School website has shown how Gonski funding is helping disadvantaged NSW schools deliver improved results for students.

7 March 2016

New research has found one-in-five students arrives at school not ready to learn, rising to one-in-three from disadvantaged backgrounds, showing the need for Gonski funding to increase resources in schools.

6 March 2016

​The Australian Education Union’s Gonski advertising campaign will hit Free-to-air TV and Pay TV today letting Australians know the benefits needs-based Gonski funding is delivering to schools.

3 March 2016

Any pre-election education funding deal Malcolm Turnbull signs with the States must include the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding.


26 February 2016

The AEU will spend $2 million on Free-to-Air TV advertising as part of its campaign to secure bi-partisan support for the full six years of needs-based Gonski funding.

16 February 2016

New research by State of Our Schools shows that school funding increases prior to the Gonski reforms had been inequitably skewed away from disadvantaged schools.

15 February 2016

The AEU’s pre-Budget submission has called on the Turnbull Government to fund the full six years of Gonski funding and keep its broken promise to give all students with disability the funding they need from 2016.

11 February 2016

A new OECD report showing students from disadvantaged backgrounds are far more likely to be low performers at school is more evidence of the importance of needs-based Gonski funding.

10 February 2016

Improving Year 12 retention rates and literacy results for Indigenous students outlined in today’s Closing the Gap report are promising, but schools need more resources to address their needs.

9 February 2016

New research commissioned by the NSW Education Department has shown the need for investment in education to combat social inequality and give all students a chance.

4 February 2016

Figures on school funding released by the Productivity Commission today have refuted the Turnbull Government’s claims of overspending on schools and shown the need for the full six years of Gonski funding to reverse years of inequitable funding of disadvantaged schools.

4 February 2016

A proposed Federal Government takeover of VET being considered in secret by State and Federal Governments would mean poorer quality training, higher fees and the end of the TAFE system.