Fitting reward for life-long champion of public education


12 June 2019

The Australian Education Union is proud to congratulate Sharan Burrow for being named a Companion of the Order of Australia.

This honour is well-deserved recognition of Sharan’s life-long dedication and passion for education, trade unions, social justice and equality for all.

Ms Burrow joined the union movement after becoming a teacher at a NSW public school in the 1980s. After being involved in the NSW Teachers Federation as a local teacher activist, Organiser and then Senior Officer, Sharan was elected President of the Australian Education Union in 1992.

She subsequently was elected President of the ACTU, only the second woman to hold that position. Currently Ms Burrow is the leader of the global trade union movement as General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation.

Ms Burrow has spent her career fighting for fairness and justice for working people. She has made an inestimable contribution to worker’s rights and conditions around the globe. She is a valued role model and is a constant inspiration for her colleagues in the fight for human and trade union rights in all countries.

The AEU thanks Sharan for her service and her achievements, and looks forward to standing with her in future campaigns to promote equality and social justice around the world.