Teachers take the lead in crisis on World Teachers’ Day


30 October 2020

Today is World Teachers’ Day, when we celebrate and recognise the achievements of the teaching profession.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated internationally on 5 October. As this date falls during the school holidays, it is celebrated on 30 October in Australia.

This year World Teachers’ Day is particularly special, commemorating a twelve month period during which teachers have led the way in dealing with crisis to ensure all students can continue their education.

Teachers in preschool, TAFE and public schools worked tirelessly and creatively to make sure that every student can continue their high quality education, regardless of the circumstances.

From teachers who joined the local fire-fighting response during the worst bushfire season on record, to teachers who taught remotely and who kept schools open during the global pandemic, teachers have been, and still are, on the frontline this year.

The Australian Education Union (AEU) 2020 State of our Schools survey revealed the extent of the extra commitment that teachers have put in this year. A majority of teachers (69%) have worked additional hours this year, with the average additional hours amounting to 12 hours per week across all public schools.

The AEU is inviting teachers and school communities to share their stories about teachers and principals taking the lead in 2020 on social media using the hashtags #TeachersLead2020 and #WorldTeachersDay.

The Federal Government must recognise this incredible commitment and back the teaching profession by ensuring that all schools are funded to 100% of the minimum Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) so that all students can reach their full potential.

It is teachers who continue to demonstrate their resilience, commitment and hope for the future. Today we celebrate the outstanding educational leadership of the teaching profession, not only in 2020 but always.