AEU supports marriage equality

Rainbow Yes.png

4 October 2017

The Australian Education Union supports marriage equality, and a "Yes" vote in the current postal survey.

‘Everyone should have an equal right to marriage, and we should not need a postal survey to end this discrimination against LGBTIQ people. The AEU believes that a direct vote in Parliament should have proceeded without delay however we must exercise our votes in the SSM Survey as a step towards marriage equality,' said Australian Education Union Federal President, Correna Haythorpe.

‘A “Yes” vote is now the most immediate opportunity to end a toxic and hurtful debate impacting on the LGBTIQ community, including educators, young people and families in our preschools, schools and TAFEs.

‘Teachers and principals care deeply about the welfare of all students and families in their school community, and see firsthand how destructive the negative debate on marriage equality can be. We can all send an inclusive and hopeful message by voting “Yes”,' Haythorpe concluded.