Anti-Poverty Week 2016


Did You Know?

  • Poverty and severe hardship affect more than a million Australians.
  • Around the world, more than a billion people are desperately poor.

The main aims of Anti-Poverty Week are to:

  • Strengthen public understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty and hardship around the world and in Australia; and
  • Encourage research, discussion and action to address these problems, including action by individuals, communities, organisations and governments.

This year Anti-Poverty Week will be held from the 16th to the 22nd of October. Everyone is encouraged to help reduce poverty and hardship by organising an activity during the Week or taking part in an activity organised by others.

The website has many useful resources, including flyers, postcards, inserts for newsletters and websites at

Information for schools about Anti-Poverty Week, resources, and ideas about how schools can be involved can be found at