Guaranteed funding for TAFE


23 August 2017

The AEU’s Stop TAFE Cuts campaign has launched a new activity, aimed at securing the support of all politicians for a guarantee of a minimum 70% government funding for the nations TAFE colleges. Only a guarantee of funding will secure the future of TAFE.

Australian TAFE colleges continue to be damaged by policies which channeling public funding to for-profit private providers. TAFE has been the lowest funded education sector for many years, with funding declining by more than 24% since 2008. During this time, fees have increased by 245% from $4060 in 2009 to $14,018 in 2015.

Only guaranteeing a minimum 70% funding for TAFE will arrest the damage caused by the privatization agenda, and provide TAFE with the opportunity to rebuild.

The 2017 Federal Budget provided little hope for TAFE under a Turnbull Government. Spending on vocational education will decrease by 9.7% in real terms from 2016/17 to 2017/18. Spending on vocational education will be $70 million lower in 2020/21 than it is in 2016/17.

The ALP has announced a guarantee of at least two thirds of public vocational education funding for TAFE, and an additional $637.6 million invested into TAFE and vocational education – reversing the government’s 2017 cuts in full.

This new phase of the Stop TAFE Cuts campaign which provides politicians with the opportunity to publicly commit to supporting guaranteed funding for TAFE has been launched.

All politicians who support guaranteed funding for TAFE have been asked to sign a commitment to a minimum 70% or two thirds of VET funding be guaranteed for TAFE.

Supporters are being asked to approach Federal or State politicians, from the upper or lower houses, and from any political party, ask them to sign the guarantee, take a quick photo and upload it to our online gallery.

Everything you need to get involved in this activity is available on our website.

We need your help to get the commitment of your local representatives.