May 16 is Education Support Personnel Day 2019


13 May 2019

The role of Education Support Personnel and their vital contribution to public education will be acknowledged in schools across the globe on 16 May.

The AEU recognises the enormous contribution that Education Support Professionals (ESP) make to school communities across Australia. They are a core part of each school team and play a crucial role in creating a national school climate that ensures children are safe, healthy and nurtured.

AEU Victorian Branch ESP organiser Kathryn Lewis says the benefit of greater recognition for school support staff has not only been evident in the improved entitlements in agreements, but also in the influence they are having in their schools and union sub-branches.

“More ESP staff than ever are involved in consultation committees and taking up roles on sub-branches, as they realise this is the way to really influence positive change,” Lewis says.

“ESP Day is the perfect opportunity to ask non-members to join the AEU and work with us to defend and improve conditions not just for ES staff, but for all working Australians.”

Worldwide ESP day, previously known as National Support Staff Week, was launched in May 2018 in appreciation of the work of these professional school support staff play in the global education movement.