Message from the President

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Our campaign will go on.

We won’t give up the fight to ensure every public school is appropriately resourced.

We won’t give up the fight to ensure every child has an equal chance to succeed.

This isn’t just about school resourcing, it is about securing our future.

I want to thank you all for your efforts and support so far.

It is inspiring to see so many passionate teachers, school staff, parents and community members working together for a common goal.

So many rallies, doorknocks, bus tours, handouts, school meetings, visits to politician’s offices and phone calls.

Your commitment to the campaign has changed the national conversation about schools funding. Everyone is talking about needs based funding for our schools.

Unfortunately the Turnbull Government’s plan is not a national needs-based funding model and many public schools will have to wait at least six more years to get to the point where they have enough resources to ensure no child misses out.

Schools will also have to scale back the plans they have put in place for next year to continue the huge improvements they have made to teaching and learning with the first four years of Gonski funding.

However, our campaigning forced them to give ground at the last minute and to substantially change what was being offered for public schools. The Greens Leader Sen. Richard Di Natale led the effort to secure significant concessions from the Government. So the bottom line is, the plan is not as bad as originally proposed by the Turnbull Government but it is still not good enough.

Both the ALP and the Greens opposed the final Turnbull plan and have said there needs to be a much greater investment in public schools.

For the sake of our children we need to keep going: that means pushing all political parties for a commitment to ensure no public school is under-resourced and all are at the Schooling Resource Standard.

Schools funding will be a critical area at the next Federal election and we will be putting all of our efforts into the campaign in the months ahead.

I hope you will join us – as together we will win.