Refugee Week 2017


16 June 2017

Refugee Week presents an opportunity to reflect on the experience of refugees & asylum-seekers and how we can support them.

The AEU has provided some support for refugees in Indonesia at the Ciasarua Refugee Learning Centre. A documentary has now been made about the lives of the mainly Afghani-Hazara refugee community in Cisarua, and their efforts to establish an education centre so that their children (and adults as well) can continue to study while they wait for their situation to be resolved. The Staging Post will premiere in Melbourne as part of the Refugee Week Film Festival, but screenings are also being arranged in other locations across the country – or you can organise one for your school or community. The AEU is sponsoring production of a Study Guide to accompany The Staging Post. When this resource is ready it will be free for teachers to access, and we hope that it will be a useful tool for teachers exploring the issue of refugees with their students.

More information at the Refugee Week website.