Jason Kimberley


Public Education Day 2020

During the current COVID-19 crisis my organisation Cool Australia worked closely with public education teachers to ascertain our 200 most useful classroom lessons to convert into at home learning activities for parents and caregivers. We thank all of the public education teachers, who despite almost crashing our website, gathered all the resources they required to forward to parents for the weeks ahead. We thank you.

We mainly work with public education teachers with a desire to partner to create engaging resources that enable the democratisation of high-quality education resources for all schools regardless of postcode. This partnership brings new thinking, support and clarity of vision. It is purposeful every time something is discussed and taught.

Public education is important to me because we all love solving problems. We love challenging ourselves to know more, to understand more and work on turning the dial to provide greater and more meaningful opportunities for our young people.

Some schools are unable to offer extensive deep dive curriculum lessons plans that address the important issues of our times for a variety of reasons. Poverty, mental health, racism, economic, environmental and economic sustainability, being future job ready and having the right skills to achieve are all subject areas that our audience has asked for. It is these partnerships and relationships, with more than 100,000 public education teachers, that gets me out of bed every day to work together to improve educational outcomes for young Australians.

Kids are now back at school, after being remotely educated by parents and caregivers at home for more than two months. Parents now have an entirely new understanding of what it takes to educate a child, and an even greater respect for the brilliant job that public education teachers do.

I love public education teachers!

Jason Kimberley

CEO Cool Australia