Cavendish Road State High School

Location: Holland Park, Brisbane, Qld.

Cavendish Road State High School is a school of 1700 students from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

How Cavendish Road State High School has used Gonski funding:

The school received over $400 000 in funding. The funding was used to support Year 11 and 12 students to succeed in their chosen pathway. This involved strengthening the case management approach for students who were on a QCE or QCIA pathway and providing focussed and intensive teaching targeted at ‘C’ students in order to improve the quality of their demonstrations of learning against the relevant year-level achievement standard. A specialised computer program was purchased and a Senior Schooling Teacher Aide was employed to input data and track student progress for the Senior Schooling Intervention Team. An external training provider was also engaged to support up to 36 students not on track to achieve a QCE.

  • The funds were also used to continue an interdisciplinary case management approach involving parents, the school and community to support Indigenous students. A range of strategies were implemented to strengthen the engagement of indigenous students and their families.
  • Funds were also directed to the school’s priority of improving the attendance rates of students through improved analysis and monitoring processes.
  • Gonski funds enabled the school to implement a whole school approach to the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy.

How Gonski funding has made a difference for students

The funds have enabled the school to track the progress of all students across Years 7 to 12 and to support ‘at risk’ students resulting in improved retention and academic performance.

The increase in the school’s attendance rate by 2% has significantly contributed to improved student outcomes.

Approximately 50% of Year 7 students achieved in the Upper Two Bands in all areas of NAPLAN in 2016.

What Cavendish Road State High School could do with Gonski funding in the future

The full Gonski funding would enable the school to continue with the implementation of the school’s pedagogical framework and embed it as the shared language of teaching and learning. Funds would also be expended on enhancing teacher professional development.

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