Junee High School

Location: Junee, NSW

Junee High School is a comprehensive high school located in regional New South Wales. It currently has an enrolment of 200 students, where 12% of whom identify as being Aboriginal and about 70% whom are from low-socioeconomic backgrounds.

How has your school used its Gonski funding?

Gonski funding has been used to increase staffing numbers and to introduce additional literacy and numeracy programs like Multi Lit and Dejhuti Maths. The construction of cricket nets, basketball court surface upgrade, replacement of carpet, purchase of ICT resources like smart boards, computers and a drone, and painting have also been made possible with Gonski funding.

How has Gonski made a positive difference for students?

Increased staffing has meant that the school has been able to provide students with a wider range of elective subjects, increased Student Learning Support Officer and Aboriginal Education assistance, and reduced class sizes. Additional staff Professional Learning time has increased staff capabilities to understand their students, deliver high quality and engaging lessons, as well as providing timely and accurate feedback for further development. In turn this has served to increase student engagement, improve academic results and to strengthen students' sense of belonging and connectedness to the school community.

What could your school do with Gonski funding in the future?

Full Gonski support would enable Junee High School to continue providing targeted support for students at risk of disengagement and for those students currently achieving below the national minimum standards. It would also enable the school to provide additional students with assistance in meeting the cost of school supplies, excursions and extra curricular activities. Increasing its work within the Ngumba-Dal Learning Community is also a priority that could benefit Junee High School from Gonski funding.

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