Liverpool Boys High School


Location: Liverpool

Liverpool Boys High School is in the heart of Liverpool and caters for 580 boys from 60 different cultures - 88% non English speaking background. There is also a small Aboriginal population and a significant number of students with a refugee experience.

How has your school used its Gonski funding?

Liverpool Boys High School has used it's Gonski funding to employ extra teachers to support the learning needs of our Refugee and ESL students and extra teachers to support our students with disabilities. The school has also employed an additional Head Teacher to work on innovative teaching and learning as well as engaging the community. One of the largest impacts has been to employ a Business Manager to free up the Principal and Deputy Principals from administration to concentrate on leading learning across the school.

How has Gonski made a positive difference for students?

Our Gonski funding has allowed us to implement innovative learning programs across the school, that focus on engaging students and building skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, using project based learning. The school has made significant connections to businesses across Sydney to make the learning real. Our boys are more deeply engaged in the learning as a direct result of the innovations funded by Gonski. The funding has allowed us to improve the literacy and numeracy of our students, particularly those boys for whom English is not their first language.

What could your school do with Gonski funding in the future?

Expand our innovative practice to build even greater engagement through programs that allow students to study what they are passionate about, whilst building mastery of the basics of literacy and numeracy.

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