29 June 2021

The Australian Education Union is calling on the Federal Government to provide clarity on the current COVID-19 vaccination arrangements, the priority group arrangements and the future roll out of the vaccine.

“We have sought a commitment that the education workforce has priority access to the COVID-19 vaccination in recognition of their status as essential workers,” Australian Education Union Federal President Correna Haythorpe said.

“However, at no point has the Federal Government given education workers the courtesy of making clear when they will receive a vaccine.

“Last night’s announcement that all Australians under 40 can speak to their GP about receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccine has caused enormous confusion about when, where and how education workers will receive a vaccine.

“It has always been the strong advice of the AEU to members to follow the advice of public health authorities. However, there is now confusion about what that advice is.

“There are currently thousands of families in lockdown due to COVID-19 transmission in schools, including the families of teachers, principals and education support staff. This highlights the urgency of ensuring that the education workforce is as safe as possible from COVID-19, by prioritising their vaccination.

“We need the Federal Government to make it crystal clear.

“What are the current priority group arrangements?

“What is the current public health advice with respect to the Astra Zeneca vaccine?

"When will education workers in schools, early childhood settings and TAFE receive a COVID-19 vaccine and the greater level of safety from COVID-19 that comes with it?"


Media contact: Alys Gagnon, 0438 379 977, [email protected]