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19 February 2021

New school enrolment figures have provided further evidence of the growing demand for public education and of the deep inequality entrenched in the distribution of capital funds across Australia’s education system.

17 February 2021

The Australian Education Union (AEU) is calling on governments across the country to make TAFE their first priority as Australia looks to rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic and tackle the country’s skills crisis.

2 February 2021

The annual Report into Government Services (ROGS) provides evidence of the fundamental failure of the Federal Government to ensure that public schools across Australia have the funding needed for their students.


21 January 2021

The Productivity Commission’s final report into the National Agreement on Skills and Workforce Development (NASWD), recommending that governments should continue their agenda for more contestable funding for the VET sector, will see a further narrowing of options for students and diminish Australia’s vocational education sector.



16 December 2020

Latest Government data from the NCVER shows that federal government funding for VET fell by a further $123.1 million in 2019. A further fall from the $315 million cut in 2017-2018.

11 December 2020

The Federal Government has allocated more than $1 billion in additional funding between the Catholic and private school sectors while completely ignoring public schools.

11 December 2020

The Education Council must commit to guaranteed permanent funding to enable all children access to 15 hours per week of preschool education in the year before full-time schooling.

9 December 2020

The latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report has revealed the impact of the Federal Government’s deeply inequitable school funding policy and its failure to provide targeted resources and support to address the lower achievement levels for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

3 December 2020

Nine out of ten public school principals report having to access funds from other areas of school budgets to make up for significant shortfalls in Commonwealth funding for students with disability, according to the latest “State of our Schools” survey.


13 November 2020

‚ÄčA call to increase the certainty of Commonwealth funding to guarantee access to preschool is welcome recognition of the critical role that Early Childhood Education (ECE) has in providing equity of opportunity for all children to get the best start to their education.


30 October 2020

On World Teachers’ Day, we celebrate and recognise the achievements of the teaching profession. Teachers who are taking the lead in crisis to ensure all students can continue their education.

28 October 2020

A major study by the Mitchell Institute and Victoria University Educational Opportunity in Australia 2020: Who succeeds and who misses out? provides further evidence of the deep inequality entrenched across Australia’s education system.

23 October 2020

A Fifty Acres-Pollinate Survey among a nationally representative sample of 1001 Australians aged 18+ has found that almost all Australians feel it’s important that federal funding to TAFE is increased in order to help recovery from the recession.

7 October 2020

The Morrison Government’s failure to commit to funding for preschool beyond next year fails to provide certainty for families and the preschool sector.

6 October 2020

In what has been an extraordinary year due to COVID-19, public schools have been ignored by the budget in what can only be perceived as an insult to teachers, parents and students that are struggling under the most trying conditions.

6 October 2020

The Morrison Government’s federal budget of ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’ has failed TAFE, the nation’s trusted public provider of vocational education.

2 October 2020

A new independent report released today reveals Australian public schools will miss out on $19 billion in funding over the next four years.


30 September 2020

Australia’s poor ranking in the latest OECD report on worldwide education indicators provides further evidence of the impact of government school funding policies on resource equity, staffing, student opportunity and outcomes.

21 September 2020

Public school teachers spend on average $874 of their own money each year on essential school resources for their students, according to the latest “State of our Schools” survey.

9 September 2020

The latest OECD report on worldwide education indicators has confirmed that public investment into Australia’s public education system is below the OECD average.

4 September 2020

Three quarters of teachers say that NAPLAN is ineffective as a method of assessing students according to the latest “State of our Schools” survey.


31 August 2020

A new Australian Education Union (AEU) submission to Federal Government has called for significant and ongoing investment into Australia’s public schools, preschools and TAFE system in October’s Federal Budget, to provide decades of equity, opportunity, security and future prosperity for all Australians.

28 August 2020

The recommendations from today’s NAPLAN review provide little hope that the proposed new Australian National Standardised Assessment (ANSA) will be any better than the incredibly flawed and damaging NAPLAN system it is proposed to replace.

13 August 2020

A new report demonstrating TAFE’s role in Australia’s decades-long economic success story has warned that failing to invest in the sector will destroy one of the primary engines of economic growth, prosperity and equity in the Australian economy.

4 August 2020

The Productivity Commission National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development Review Interim Report into the future of skills and workforce development in Australia favours private providers, increasing contestability, student loans and vouchers and fundamentally fails to ensure TAFE’s future as the pre-eminent public provider of high-quality Vocational Education and Training (VET) across the nation.