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23 July 2020

The Morrison Government’s Economic and Fiscal Update highlights its failure to provide a single dollar of additional support for public schools during the COVID-19 crisis, and ignores the potential economic stimulus that investing in public education would bring for the nation.

16 July 2020

Only by investing in TAFE can the Morrison Government provide the skills that Australia will need to create jobs, opportunities and recover from the economic costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

9 July 2020

More than three-quarters of TAFE staff have considered leaving in the past three years, according to the results of a national survey released today.


30 June 2020

New analysis of ACARA data by Trevor Cobbold from Save our Schools Australia shows that funding inequality has been exacerbated under the Morrison Government’s funding legislation and special deals for private schools. Private school funding over the past decade has grown up to nine times faster in real terms than public school funding.

24 June 2020

A global report into progress on UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal for education has found that more investment is required into professional development and training for Australian teachers in order to improve inclusive education for students with disability and to reduce student exclusion.

24 June 2020

An independent report commissioned by the Australian Education Union (AEU) has revealed the persistent long-term gap in digital access, affordability and ability experienced by many public school students from disadvantaged circumstances.

5 June 2020

The urgent restoration of the billions of dollars cut from TAFE funding must be central to the Morrison Government’s initial response to Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.


28 May 2020

Today is Public Education Day - an occasion to recognise the central role that public schools, preschools and TAFEs play in strengthening the social, economic and cultural fabric of our society.

26 May 2020

Restoration of the billions of dollars of funding cut from TAFE over the past decade must be at the heart of any Commonwealth response to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector post-COVID-19.

26 May 2020

A call to lock in five years of Commonwealth funding for guaranteed access to preschool is welcome recognition of the critical role that Early Childhood Education (ECE) has in providing equity of opportunity for all children to get the best start to their education.

14 May 2020

Today’s announcement by the Morrison Government to deliver another $10 million special deal to private schools to improve COVID-19 hygiene measures ignores the urgent need to improve hygiene measures in public schools across the country.

7 May 2020

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and Labor must resist any push to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification for abandoning its current progressive policy position on education.


28 April 2020

The Federal Government’s concern for the education of vulnerable children during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for equitable funding for all schools, now and into the future.

24 April 2020

The updated COVID-19 social distancing guidelines for schools announced today by Prime Minister Scott Morrison provide little clarity about how governments are going to ensure a safe working environment for teachers, principals and support staff.

3 April 2020

The Morrison Government’s $1.6 billion package providing free childcare for parents is welcome news for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector but still leaves urgent questions which must be clarified for the preschool sector.


23 March 2020

Last night’s statement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison has caused major confusion for principals, teachers, education support staff and parents.

20 March 2020

‚Äč Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan will meet with the leadership of the Australian Education Union (AEU) on Tuesday 24th March 2020.

18 March 2020

Changes to the way NAPLAN data is presented on the My School website do nothing to address the concerns held by the teaching profession about the fundamental problems with NAPLAN itself.


25 February 2020

The national report into the debacle behind the 2019 NAPLAN online testing regime has shown that after a decade of NAPLAN it is time for it to go, and be replaced by an assessment mechanism that puts teaching and learning at its heart.

21 February 2020

Early analysis of the Australian Education Union’s (AEU) ‘State of Our TAFE 2020’ survey has revealed that, on average, TAFE teachers are working an additional day per week over and above their paid work, resulting in soaring teacher workloads at all levels.

21 February 2020

The Australian Education Union (AEU) is holding its annual Federal Conference this weekend, starting today in Melbourne. Speakers will include Labor leader Anthony Albanese, Labor Education spokesperson Tanya Plibersek, Greens leader Adam Bandt and AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe.

12 February 2020

The lack of commitment by the Morrison Government to address the serious issues of inequality apparent between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians has been highlighted yet again by today’s Closing the Gap report.

4 February 2020



20 December 2019

The Morrison Government’s policy objectives which strip funding from TAFE and privatise vocational education is causing lasting damage to the Australian economy which will take decades to fix.

12 December 2019

The Morrison Government’s education reform agenda resembles Groundhog Day, where education is stuck in a time loop of bad policy, no consultation and an underfunded school system.