Invest in public education to kickstart the economy


08 Feburary 2021

To date the Federal Government’s COVID economic support programs have focused primarily on individuals and select sectors of the economy, including construction and business.

However, by investing in schools, preschools and TAFE, Australia can simultaneously begin to repair the tremendous economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus and set the country up for decades of innovation and prosperity.

In a pre-Budget submission to the Federal Government, the AEU made the following recommendations to demonstrate what is needed for public education.

  • an immediate injection of funds to bring all public schools to 100% of SRS and to help bridge the huge equity and achievement gaps between students from high and low SES households.
  • a federally-funded school building program to benefit the construction and manufacturing sectors and retail employment growth as communities congregate around new schools.
  • a guaranteed long term federally funded capital works package is required to provide much needed improvements to public schools and to build new schools in areas of rapid population growth.
  • a full digital equity audit and significant further investment in ICT equipment and internet access for vulnerable and disadvantaged public school students is urgently needed to identify the unmet need and to bridge the digital divide for students from low socio-economic backgrounds.
  • guarantee permanent, adequate funding for Universal Access to 600 hours per year of a quality early childhood education program in the year before school.
  • put TAFE at the forefront of the recovery efforts through immediate increased federal funding support
  • Restore the more than $3 billion funding cut from TAFE and training since 2013
  • guarantee a minimum of 70% of all government VET funding to TAFE
  • create fit-for-purpose teaching qualifications that reflect student-centred learning so every Australian can achieve their goals.

it is a fundamental responsibility of government to ensure that preschools, schools and TAFE have both the capital works and recurrent funding necessary for a high quality education for every child in Australia. Not only will this have an immediate impact on helping rebuild the Australian economy but it is vitally important for the future of children, students and young people.

Supporting public education is more important than ever and it is well past time for the Federal Government to invest in preschools, schools and TAFE to ensure that every child can reach their full potential.