Wear it Purple Day, Friday 27 August 2021


24 August 2021

It starts with a conversation

On Wear it Purple Day in 2021 let’s start “the conversation” – and keep it going. The conversation about sexual orientation and gender identity, that is.

This year everyone is being encouraged to host an event at school, in the community, or the workplace – either in person or online – that will get friends and colleagues talking about ways we can support our rainbow young people.

What are the best ways to show support?

Storytelling and visibility help rainbow youth to hear about the struggles and triumphs of others, and to feel hope for the possibilities that await them.

Share your stories with others and encourage them to share theirs.

You can use some of the resources provided by Wear it Purple to discover ways to use inclusive language, to share positive messages on social media, and to host events and activities.

Donating to the Wear it Purple movement will also help support rainbow youth who are at risk.

How did Wear it Purple begin?

The Wear it Purple movement began in schools in 2010 in response to stories about the heartache experienced by teenagers across the globe who faced bullying, harassment and lack of acceptance of their sexuality or gender identity. In too many tragic cases, they took their own lives.

In 2021 we are being encouraged to continue to reflect on the issues that affect rainbow young people and to constantly consider how we can encourage and support them.

Using gender pronouns, gender affirmation and inclusive language are good places to start, says the Wear it Purple team. Its core principles are to:

  • Advocate for and empower rainbow young people
  • Celebrate and promote the value of diversity and inclusion in all community setting
  • Raise awareness about sexuality, sex and gender identity and challenge harmful social cultures
  • Champion rainbow role-models to help young people establish the confidence to be who they are.

How can schools get involved?

Wear it Purple also shares the national goals and principles of Inclusive Education: creating safe, caring school environments that nurture students as they learn and recognise diversity.

The Wear it Purple philosophies of accepting students for who they are and believing all students should feel a sense of belonging in the community can readily be adopted in schools and classrooms.

On Wear it Purple Day, and throughout the year, schools are encouraged to host events and activities, to register their events and use the free schools pack.

Resources are available to teachers and students seeking to host person-to-person events and virtual events. Registering your event shows where support is strong and helps like-minded groups to connect with one another.

For tips to make your celebration a success, click here