Dr. John Davis

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Public Education Day

Yari Garis,

We wanted to send a thankful message of support to Public Education on this auspicious day.

To couch a deeper connection to the ideal of Public Education, I wanted to share a few points on the grand narratives of our nation, to which Public Education subscribes.

We love our sunburnt land of sweeping plains and have grown a deeper connection through ongoing sharing of great national ideologues. We have ‘mateship’ connected to ANZAC spirit, ‘egalitariansim’ connected to workers’ rights and the most powerful of all, the ‘fair go’ – which for me is the best way to describe the important centrality of Public Education to our collective nationhood.

Why and how? Because true Public Education is a celebration of all our Australian identities. Providing Public Education centralises and practices diversity and equity - an education that embraces identities striving to enable, enact and engage.

Quality is the ultimate benchmark we strive for through the pursuit of Public Education. As our largest Stronger Smarter training client, as the largest nest for our Indigenous families all around the country, we at the Stronger Smarter Institute have the highest expectation holding the highest regard for quality teaching and learning in spaces around the country.

Why do we feel this way? Because Public Education is about great education for every Australian. Public Education represents opportunity. For the Institute the opportunity of education is about a ‘Fair Go’.

A reflection of the ongoing symbiotic relationship, this day nests within our National Reconciliation Week…


Dr. John Davis – Cobble Cobble