Kellyville High School

Location: Kellyville, NW Sydney

We are a large comprehensive high school 1078 in the heart of the beautiful Hills district.

How has Gonski made a positive difference for students?

I have been able to use the additional funding to appoint a head teacher mentor and a head teacher STEM additional to our FTE.

The Ht mentor has implemented an induction for all staff and observes staff in their classroom to support their development of professional learning goals to fruition. The doors are open and we know that teacher collaboration is now the largest effect size to improve student and teacher learning ( john Hattie) We also have a new stream in our curriculum of STEM with ahead teacher who has written the curriculum around project based learning and we have been able to buy lots of equipment and classroom resources to set up makers spaces and not one negative behaviour report has come into the student welfare data base. The students are fully engaged and they have real purpose in their work. We could not do this with out the funding.

What could your school do with Gonski funding in the future?

In the future we can guarantee we have STEM electives and continue the teachers working in collaboration to improve their classrooms for their students.

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