What has the school done with its Gonski funding?

Unfortunately, schools in Tasmania have not received their full Gonski funding due to a decision by the state government not to pass that funding directly on to schools, and to introduce its own cuts to schools budgets in 2015.

Despite this, the school has big plans for using their extra resources to benefit students.

Location: Wynyard

What Wynyard High School could do with Gonski funding in the future

  • Extra teachers to provide a more diverse learning program – to keep students engaged through their schooling.
  • Greater access and better links to support and service staff to build a stronger school community.
  • Extra teachers and teacher assistants to provide one-to-one support for students with extra individual learning needs – they want to learn, but it takes more time for some.
  • Much-needed professional care for our kids in mental health to promptly address blocks to learning.
  • The ability to enable our young adult students to engage with the pathway program that will lead to their greatest growth.
  • A comprehensive music and drama program.
  • Enabling our students access to the brilliant, real-life learning opportunities we have in Tasmania, through off-campus excursions.
  • Providing our students access to a greater range of experts from the broader community through in-school programs.

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