When you join the AEU you join more than 185,000 members across Australia’s public education systems and get the benefits of being part of an active and committed union. Our aim is to help you to be successful at work.

Membership benefits

To assist our members across Australia we:

  • Provide advice and assistance on all work-related issues
  • Negotiate to get the best possible pay and conditions
  • Advocate for safe, harassment-free workplaces where staff are respected
  • Offer a wide range of other benefits such as low cost healthcare, low interest loans and superannuation and retirement advice
  • Provide extensive training in both industrial and professional areas
  • Publish a range of publications that provide the latest industrial and professional news

As a member of the AEU you will be part of a union that actively campaigns, not only for the benefit of members, but also to ensure all Australians continue to have access to public education of the highest quality.

Taking part in these campaigns gives you an opportunity to develop new skills, work with other AEU members and make a real difference for future generations of Australians.

How much does it cost?

AEU membership is tax deductible and can cost less than $10 a week. You’ll get support at work and the full range of member benefits.

How do I join?

Click on the link for your State and Territory below and sign up to your local AEU branch.

AEU ACT Branch
AEU NSW Teachers Federation Branch
AEU NT Branch
Queensland Teachers Union
AEU SA Branch
AEU TAS Branch
AEU VIC Branch
State School Teachers Union of Western Australia