New figures show stark choice for voters on Gonski

10 May 2016

Labor’s analysis of the extra resources which will go to schools as a result of their commitment to Gonski funding shows the stark choice at the Federal election, the AEU said today.

AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to stop Gonski funding would see students miss out on vital programs and support.

“This election gives voters a choice between investment in our schools and students and cuts to vital funding.”

“Labor’s figures show an extra $3.8 billion will go to schools in 2018 and 2019 compared to Malcolm Turnbull’s plan.

“This means students in thousands of schools will get smaller classes, literacy and numeracy programs and more one-to-one support.

“We know that Gonski funding is already making a difference, so why does Malcolm Turnbull want to stop it?”

“Students who need the support that Gonski can provide will be the losers from Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to invest in our schools.

“Funding Gonski in full will ensure that schools get the full resources they need to properly educate all their students.”

“Malcolm Turnbull has found money for tax cuts for high income earners, yet is unable to find money to invest in our kids’ education.

“We know that 1-in-7 15 year-olds struggles to read properly, and 1-in-5 struggles with basic maths.

“It is not in our long-term social or economic interest to let these children leave school without the skills to get a job or lead a successful life.

“There is still no clarity around how Malcolm Turnbull’s alternative schools funding policy will work.

“The Coalition cannot confirm whether any State will be worse off as a result of its redistribution of funding.

“All we know is that many schools would not get the resources the Gonski Review found they needed.”

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