12 May 2021

The Morrison Government’s 2021-22 Federal Budget is another profound fail for public school and TAFE staff, students and parents across the nation.

“Australia’s public education system is one of the only institutions that touches the lives of Australians in every community, and as such should be a source of immense pride and celebration,” said Australian Education Union Federal President Correna Haythorpe.

“Instead, across primary, secondary and TAFE, this Federal Budget fails students in every corner of our nation.

“Since 2013, TAFE has suffered over $3 billion in funding cuts. These cuts have had a devastating impact on TAFE.

“TAFE is best positioned to deliver high quality vocational education and skills to help our nation recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it must be properly funded.

“The Morrison Government is delivering millions of dollars of taxpayers’ funds to poor quality private colleges and the job network at the expense of TAFE.

“If this Government was serious about funding vocational education to help people get a stable and secure job, it would rebuild with TAFE,” Ms Haythorpe said.

“Australian public schools are experiencing booming enrolment growth, yet this Budget fails to deliver the capital works funding that provides modern, 21st century classrooms and facilities.

“Public schools face a $19 billion funding shortfall over the next four years. This is a direct result of the Federal Government’s failure to put public education first.

“As a result, public school staff are denied the resources they need to provide the education and support their students deserve.

“The Federal Government must understand the critical importance of funding every public school properly to ensure every child has a high quality education, regardless of their background, “Ms Haythorpe said.

“A federal budget that delivers for public education would include a guarantee of a minimum 70 per cent of all government funding directed to the public TAFE system, a commitment to fund public schools to a minimum of 100 percent of the Schooling Resource Standard and the establishment of a capital fund for public schools to help meet rising enrolment growth and infrastructure needs.”


Correna Haythorpe is available for interview

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