28 September 2023

The voices and expertise of early childhood teachers and educators must be central to the development of the Preschool Outcomes Measure, says the Australian Education Union.

The AEU Federal President, Correna Haythorpe noted the release of the Preschool Outcomes Measure and the proposed trial scheduled to take place in 2025 announced today.

“High quality, child-led, play-based learning delivered by a qualified teacher in the early years is shown to have life-changing benefits for children. These include being ready to learn when starting school, higher marks and greater school completion rates, as well as higher rates of enrolment in further education and participation in the workforce.

“No one knows this better than the early childhood teachers and educators who work with young Australians every single day. They are the experts working at the coal face,” Ms Haythorpe said.

“That’s why it’s critically important that early childhood teachers and educators are included in the development of learning progressions and assessment tools throughout the entire Preschool Outcomes Measure process.”

The AEU will be seeking to ensure:

  • Participation in the trial remains voluntary
  • Early childhood teachers and educators will be appropriately and fully consulted
  • Investments in professional development associated with the Preschool Outcomes Measure for teachers and educators, including paid time
  • Teachers and educators will have appropriate opportunities for information sharing to ensure best practice implementation and delivery.
  • Appropriate measures will be introduced to ensure the development of the Measure and the trial do not further increase ever-growing workloads.

“The critical cognitive skills gained in preschool enable children to thrive during their transition to school and help them to become lifelong learners,” Ms Haythorpe said.

“To ensure that all children have the opportunity to thrive and are as well prepared for their transition to school as they can be, all Australian Governments must commit to ensuring that every child around Australia has access to two years of preschool delivered by an appropriately qualified teacher.”


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