No Child Left Behind - National Week of Solidarity


02 September 2020

There are more than 16,000 children and young people currently seeking asylum in Australia who have little to no access to the social safety net during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of these people seeking asylum have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19, and are not eligible for the JobSeeker or JobKeeper payments, and in some cases, even Medicare.

These people are in desperate circumstances--but you can help to provide hope.

Next week the ‘The No Child Left Behind’ campaign is holding ‘The National Week of Solidarity’--this is your chance to get involved and support the call to ensure these people receive the economic, social and emotional support they need to survive and build a new life for themselves and their families.

From Sunday September 6, The Week of Solidarity will host virtual and in-person events across Australia to support the call to ensure children and families seeking asylum have access to the social safety net during Covid-19.

Sign the petition, spread the word, attend an event - anything you can do will help.

It’s your chance to show the Morrison Government that show our government that Australia cares about refugees, that asylum seekers need to be protected, not forgotten.

To take part in the National Week of Solidarity, you can:

  1. Sign the public petition
  2. Sign and share the educator’s joint statement to the Prime Minister
  3. Attend an official online event
  4. Hold an event at your school

For more information about the campaign and all the events, visit