It’s time to vote to put public education first

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11 April 2019

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called a federal election, to be held on 18 May 2019.

This election is a critical moment for the future of public education.

This election is the opportunity for the Fair Funding Now! community, and for all supporters of public education in Australia, to guarantee fair funding for public schools, for TAFE and for preschools by electing a new federal government.

It’s time to reverse the Morrison Government’s $14 billion in cuts to public schools over the next decade and $3 billion in cuts to TAFE. It’s time to reject the Morrison government’s refusal to guarantee ongoing funding for universal access to high-quality preschool for our children.

Labor has committed to:

  • investing $14.1 billion into our public schools over the next decade, including $3.3 billion in the first three years of a Labor government.
  • invest $1 billion to revitalise our public TAFE system
  • guarantee two out of every three dollars of all government funding for vocational education to go to TAFE
  • spend $1.75 billion in funding to guarantee universal ongoing access to fifteen hours per week of high-quality preschool for all three- and four-year-old children.

The choice is clear for fair funding for public education. Labor has made this the education election, and that is backed in by the Greens and their strong support for public education.

There is much to fight for in this federal election, and the Fair Funding Now! campaign will need the help of every single member of the community to win fair funding for public education.

To volunteer your support and help, click here to go to the Fair Funding Now! website and register to fight for public education.

With your help, on May 18 we will succeed in changing the government and winning a better education for all children.

Watch AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe here: