Amanda Graham

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Public Education Day 2020

When our twins’ year 1 teacher greeted them one Friday morning, dressed up as an explorer, my husband and I knew our children were in good hands. And when our son’s year 6 teacher devoted his Sunday mornings to supervising students as they took turns racing a small car around a circuit, preparing for the upcoming Pedal Prix, we knew that here was someone keen to make learning rich and memorable for our child.

Inspiring, generous public school teachers like these are everywhere. Their daily task of educating and supporting large classes of children places an enormous responsibility upon their shoulders. Their work, although often rewarding, is exhausting, and doesn’t finish at the school gate. Teachers spend evenings and holiday time planning lessons they hope will engage and motivate. They call parents after hours to chat about their son or daughter’s progress or raise concerns. And yet, so many of them do so much more to bring joy and excitement to their classrooms.

Teachers care deeply about children - everyone’s children. School support officers who work closely with teachers and students are cut from the same cloth.

Our society is very fortunate to have such dedicated professionals who work within the high-quality public education system it provides, They keep our children safe, they strive to help them succeed and they barrack for them from the sidelines as hard as any parent does.

Heartfelt thanks to them all.

Amanda Graham, Author of Picasso and the Green Tree Frog