Celebrating Education Support Personnel - we couldn’t do it without them


14 May 2020

ESP staff are critically important in ensuring that schools and preschools have the vital administrative and learning support functions in place to provide a high quality education for students.

This year, Covid-19 has brought significant challenges for teaching and learning and ESP staff have worked tirelessly to support teachers, students and their families. While Saturday May 16th provides the opportunity for us to acknowledge the outstanding work of ESP during this time, it is also important to recognise that their contributions pre and post COVID-19 are essential to teaching and learning.

Karen Hamono, an ESP at South Australia’s Prospect Primary School, said her job was very rewarding.

“I work with children with special needs which includes autism, hearing or vision impairment, Global Developmental Delay and trauma or under Guardianship of the Minister (GOM). Every day is different and rewarding,” Karen said.

“Most of my time is one-on-one with the children. It can be challenging, so I try to stay one step ahead. I use my experience and research interesting activities.”

ESP Day, previously known as National Support Staff Week, was launched worldwide in May 2018 in appreciation of the work that education support staff undertake ineducation globally around the world.

World ESP Day this year will include a specific focus on the rights and status of ESP women. 2020 is an auspicious year for women’s rights as it is the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Declaration and Platform for Action – an ambitious commitment made by governments to realise gender equality.

We want to spread the word about the fantastic ESP team at your school or preschool. Share your stories, pictures and anecdotes about your education support staff with us on social media with the hashtag #ESPDay, and show your ESPs how much you appreciate them!