My School changes ignore NAPLAN’s real problems

18 March 2020

Changes to the way NAPLAN data is presented on the My School website do nothing to address the concerns held by the teaching profession about the fundamental problems with NAPLAN itself.

AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said that the My School changes being rolled out today by ACARA ignored the issues of corrupted data introduced by the shambolic rollout of NAPLAN Online. Ms Haythorpe reiterated widespread calls for a comprehensive review of the entire NAPLAN process.

“Today’s My School changes do not address the significant and long-held concerns held by parents and the teaching profession about NAPLAN,” Ms Haythorpe said.

“It makes no difference how you present NAPLAN data when the data itself is irretrievably corrupted.”

“ACARA’s own National Report earlier this year admitted that NAPLAN results had been corrupted by connectivity issues which had prevented many students from having a fair attempt to do their best.

“This means that the NAPLAN dataset data is now so seriously compromised it cannot be relied upon by education departments, schools, parents, or the broader community. In light of this the Morrison Government has no alternative but to replace NAPLAN completely.”

Ms Haythorpe said that the Commonwealth should join the existing state-and-territory-led review into NAPLAN which is already underway.

“There is a growing consensus within the teaching profession that NAPLAN has got to go,” Ms Haythorpe said. “While federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has refused to undertake a comprehensive review of NAPLAN, the New South Wales, Queensland, ACT and Victorian governments have recognised the widespread concerns and are conducting their own review due to report later this year.”

“The fact that school authorities with a combined responsibility for more than three quarters of all students in Australia acknowledge that NAPLAN needs to be reviewed, when Mr Tehan does not, is a continuing source of embarrassment for the Morrison Government,” Ms Haythorpe said.