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Australia’s public schools have a strong tradition of providing accessible, quality education for all Australians.

AEU fights for proper resourcing of public schools and for the rights of the teachers, principals and support staff who work in them.

We are the voice of the teaching profession; active in debates over curriculum, assessment, school resourcing and teacher education.

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The Gonski campaign

The Gonski campaign, has put fairer school funding on the national agenda, and we are continuing to fight for equity in schools funding.

Public schools have lost out from previous funding systems which distributed money based on sector rather than need. At the same time Australia’s school performance slipped down international rankings.

The 2011 review of schools funding led by respected businessman David Gonski recommended a new needs-based funding system that guarantees every school the resources it needs for its students. While all schools are winners from the Gonski reforms, the biggest winners will be the public schools which educate the majority of disadvantaged students.

In 2013 the Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments agreed to implement the Gonski plan.

The Abbott government has abandoned this deal and this will mean a real cut to the funding of all schools after 2017.

The AEU will not let this once-in-a-generation chance for fair school funding be abandoned.

We will continue to campaign make fair funding for public schools a national priority.

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