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23 April 2019

Boothby voters aren’t fooled by Nicolle Flint’s advertising about public school funding

5 April 2019

Labor leader Bill Shorten has reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to public education in his Budget reply speech.

3 April 2019

The Morrison Government’s Budget has failed to provide a single dollar of specific funding for TAFE – in fact it is completely silent on TAFE altogether.

3 April 2019

The Morrison Government’s Federal Budget has failed the fairness test by neglecting to put public education first.

2 April 2019

Public schools have taken over the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra today to highlight the importance of reversing the Morrison Government’s $14 billion in public school funding cuts.


8 March 2019

​The Morrison government will cut $14 billion in funding from public schools in Australia over the next decade despite new figures showing that public schools are experiencing the lion’s share of growth in new student enrolments.

8 March 2019

The Australian Education Union (AEU) supports the rights of students to speak out in protest about the challenges posed by climate change in Australia.

6 March 2019

Workload and excessive out-of-hours work are a key cause of low morale amongst public school teachers in Australia, with nearly 92 per cent of teachers expressing concern that they do not have enough time outside of classes for lesson planning, marking, report writing and administrative tasks.


28 February 2019

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has welcomed the release of the terms of reference of Labor’s National Inquiry into Post-secondary Education in Australia, saying Australia’s TAFE system has suffered greatly under the Morrison government’s drive to privatise vocational education.

27 February 2019

A newspaper which inappropriately published simplistic league tables of NAPLAN performance between South Australia public schools has breached the Terms of Use of the website from which the data is located.

22 February 2019

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan’s bid to review the Melbourne Declaration is a farce which has failed to win the full support of all state and territory members of the national Education Council.

20 February 2019

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has welcomed Labor’s announcement committing an extra $300 million in funding if it wins government to ensure Students with Disability get the support they need at school.

19 February 2019

Nearly four in five public school principals say they do not have sufficient resources to cater for students with disability, according to a survey of public schools across Australia.

8 February 2019

A proposal from big business groups for the federal government to take over responsibility for Australia’s vocational education and training sector is merely a bid by private training providers to line their own pockets at the expense of TAFE students.

4 February 2019

A fleet of Fair Funding Now! vans will visit public schools in marginal electorates across Australia to highlight the $14 billion which has been cut from public-school budgets by the Morrison government.

1 February 2019

A Productivity Commission report into childcare, education and training has shown that, per-student growth in government funding for private schools last year was ten times greater than that for public schools.


6 January 2019

A call for universities to strengthen entry requirements for teaching degrees is an essential step in ensuring that we set a high bar for entry into the teaching profession.



14 December 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s appalling bilateral school funding agreements with the states and territories mean public schools in those jurisdictions will miss out on billions of dollars in funding, resulting in less resources for public schools to invest in providing high quality educational opportunities for their students.


30 November 2018

The Morrison government must immediately reverse funding cuts to Australia’s TAFE system if it is serious about addressing issues in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

22 November 2018

A commitment by the Australian Greens to fairly fund Australia’s public school system is welcome acknowledgement that public school students deserve the best opportunities possible in a properly resourced public system.

22 November 2018

A new report revealing that 85 percent of private schools around Australia in 2016 received more public funding than public schools is yet more evidence of the deep inequalities in school funding in Australia.


31 October 2018

Voters now have a clear choice at the next federal election between supporting Labor’s vision of extra funding for every public school or continuing the Morrison government’s billion-dollar cuts to public school funding.

26 October 2018

Nearly nine in ten public school teachers say that NAPLAN is ineffective as a method of assessing students, according to the latest ‘State of our Schools’ online survey.

26 October 2018

​More than nine in ten public school teachers use their own money to purchase supplies for their school or students, according to the latest ‘State of our Schools’ online survey.

24 October 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison must immediately order that all children and families of refugees be removed from Nauru and brought to Australia.